Non-electric water distillers

    The SurvivorStill is the only non-electric water distiller WORLDWIDE not needing a SCALD HAZARD WARNING!

Drinking water after disaster

"Water, water everywhere..."

More flood victims die as a result of drinking contaminated water, than do from having no water at all to drink. No one can live more than 5-6 days without any water to drink!

"...and not a drop to drink"

  U.S. and local government officials ordered the local drinking water turned off and refused to allow water or food relief into New Orleans after Katrina. Hundreds of people died unnecessarily as a result. 

Lines for bottled drinking water.

Hundreds waiting in line for water and food. Food & water are the two most important necessities people will riot over or even kill for, especially in a long-term emergency or an extended natural or man-made disaster.  

No one in and no one out!

Many injuries or deaths occur as a result of unprepared people scavenging for food and water and being confronted by gangs or looters, compounding an already dangerous situation.

Talk about totally isolated.

The greatest fear of the public service and rescue organizations is that of a serious disaster being wide-spread and inaccessible for an extended period of time.

Hope you don't experience this!

The first instinct during and  after a disaster is to race to the nearest grocery store. Many  unfortunate folks, such as the disabled, will find themselves victims of empty shelves!

Survivorstill model ss-6

List Price: $1,197.00 complete system


                         Claim Yours $997.97

  •  Limited Time Save $200.00
  • Plus FREE FedEx Shipping!

                      SurvivorStill Components

  • 7 gallon bucket w/ Gamma Lid
  • 2.5 gal. collapsible collection bucket
  • 5-watt 12-volt monocrystalline solar panel
  • 12-volt 9-ampere hour sealed AGM battery
  • 12-volt Battery charge controller
  • Assorted connection cables
  • Assorted Silcon tubing & fittings
  • 6-ft. 1/2" vinyl tubing for connecting pump
  • 9-12 volt (submersible) pump- 60 gpm
  • 1-qt. glass collection battery
  • 1-Activated carbon post filter
  • 1-siphon assembly for back-up condenser cooling
  • Boiling tank cleaner (16 oz.)
  • 1-Bonus: TDS/ Temp- water test meter ($40 value)

$997.97 includes everything Listed above!

Lease to Own w/ NO $0 money down- payments as low as $25/mo.

survivorstill vs survivalstill

SurvivorStill model SS-6

  • Condenser water stays continually cool
  • Boiler is locked and cannot spill over
  • Water is automatically added to both!

Scald Hazard Only Applies to Survival Still--->

 All other non-electric water distillers are a very serious potential of causing both 2nd and 3rd degree burns. If not treated properly, it can lead to serious infection. 

Survival Still-(steam diverter)


Not only is the boiling pot a hazard, the upper pot reaches temperatures in excess of 150 F.

At 150 F, water will cause 3rd degree burns from only 2 seconds of contact with the skin!

Boiling pots of water...

 She dumped boiling water on her hand. If this occurred during a national disaster, could you find help at a local hospital  emergency room? 

...are the most common causes...

 Mother  dropped a pot of boiling water and scalded toddler crawling at her feet. You cannot risk this happening during a disaster! 

...of serious 3rd degree burns!

 While dumping a pot of scalding water in the kitchen sink, the handle slipped from her hand and spilled over onto her child's feet! 

compare Features & performance

comparing the features and performance of the survivor still vs the survival still water distiller




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