Water Purification since 1975


Aquamedia established in 1975

We started out in the water distillation business, providing clean drinking water at a time when NO drinking water was sold anywhere in America. The only water sold in grocery stores was distilled water for steam irons and car batteries. We installed America's first bottled water vending machine, DISTILLATION STATION, in Bill's IGA store in Brooklyn, MI in March of 1975.  Eight years later Glacier Water followed with their vending machines. Two  years later, in 1985, Dr. Gene Shaparenko opened the first water store, located in Fresno, California.


Distillation Station

Within two years we expanded to five IGA stores,  three independent groceries and four health food stores. From there we expanded to Utah and then San Diego, CA where we concentrated on health food grocery chains like Sun Grocery, Jimbos and Peoples Food. A chain of Great Earth vitamin stores owned by Dr. David Nelson led to a weekly radio program, "Let's Talk Health" and a weekly column by the same name, in the Rancho Bernardo newspaper, "The Bernardo Sun." 


Now What?

After inventing and patenting the  SurvivorStill, Douglas Hoover saw a need for several other survival product like a campsite alarm system, a fire starter that lights with a single spark in a rainstorm with an 80 mile per hour wind. SEVERAL MORE PATENTS LATER, AQUAMEDIA  GROUP COMPANIES WAS FORMED. Now, Campsite Security Alarms and the Green Fire Balls and Disks and many more products are sold on THIS WEBSITE